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Yaba Sanshiro (Yabause) not launching fullscreen


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Hey, folks. I've got several Saturn emulators working well through LaunchBox (both RA cores working well), but I also want to use the newer Yaba Sanshiro emulator so I can pump up the internal resolution of some 3D games, like Shining Force 3.

The problem is every time I launch a game in Yaba Sanshiro through Launchbox the game is displayed only in the lower-left hand corner of the screen, only about 25% of the screen is used. The rest is black. If I alt+enter twice I can get it to run fullscreen no problem, but when I'm playing on the couch I don't have a keyboard next to me.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to force Yaba Sanshiro to display in fullscreen from Launchbox?

Thanks for any help!

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I was also facing this problem.

In the end I had changed so many settings in the emulator I was confused.

I downloaded an older version (just a few weeks) and started from scratch.

I have found that it happens when you set the emulator to "Start in Fullscreen". When I start it up windowed and then ALT+TAB it's fine.

So; therefore I now run this AHK Script on start-up and it seems fine now:

Sleep, 5000

You may have to change the Sleep duration according to your setup. The above setting is 5 seconds before it sets it to fullscreen. In my case the Launching box starting window is still in the foreground so you actually don't see it.

When you first set it up it creates a "yabause.ini" file and a "bkram.bin" file in your local appdata folder under your user profile. If you're like me and you want this portable then you can cut and paste these files into the same folder as the emulator and it becomes portable.

I want everything to be portable so I ensure that the sat bios etc is all in a sub folder of the emulator as well so these can be referenced simply as "General\Bios=bios/Bios Saturn 1.01a (U) [!].bin" in the ini file.

I attach my ini file for your reference. I am using version "yabasanshiro-2.8.1-e2696c.zip 2019/09/25"

I think controller 2 still needs configuring and you may want to create a .bin fil for an action replay device. I just copied and pasted the bkram.bin and renamed it as areplay.bin and it will overwrite it when you set this up.

Hope this helps as it was driving me nuts as well! 2rs wasted :)


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