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Marquee screen mix up. - Windows 10 1803


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I thought I'd report this. I have an issue with the launchbox and marquee screen.

I have a 23"screen and 7" screen hooked up.
Both are identified in Windows 10 (1803)
Big screen is 1
Small screen is 2

I open up big box and in options I activate marquee and it should display on screen 2. and imagine my surprise when My big screen shows the marquee and the small screen shows bigbox..
I have to tell big box to display on screen 2,which windows identified as screen 1 (big screen) and marquee on screen 1 which windows identified as screen 2.

what does launchbox base the screen numbers on ?

is this an undocumented puzzle easter egg ?

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Not sure what is going on. I have two setups with marquee screens on them, both are Windows 10 (1803), and BigBox screen numbers match what Windows identifies. I did have an issue before where Windows would flip the screen numbers without notice and mess up BigBox and Mame as well. Removing and reinstalling the video driver seemed to fix. 

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