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Have Launchbox/Bigbox Output Audio via HDMI

The Papaw

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I have a Desktop PC with a Nvidea Geforce 1050TI video card in it, running Windows 7. The video card has a DVI and a HDMI port on it. I use a 20" desktop monitor on the DVI port (set up as monitor 2 in Win7) set as primary. I have a 50 foot HDMI cable in the HDMI port of the video card running under house to living room and plugged into a 55" Samsung TV that is not 3D (set up as monitor 1 in Win7).

I use PowerDVD 18 to play SBS 3D movies on the non-3D TV in 3D, by opening it on the extended monitor (the 55" TV). The PowerDVD program defaults the audio output to the PC speakers, but it has an option in the software to allow you to choose the audio output on the graphics card (via the HDMI cable) . Of course I use the HDMI option since the video is being sent to another room, you want the sound there as well. This works great since you can leave windows default audio output stay as the PC speakers. Wife can watch 3D movies in living room  while I can plug away in the LB forums and still listen to music on the PC

I have been using GF Experience to stream Bigbox via an android TV box to the same TV, but there is a bit of lag with the controllers doing this and it ties up the PC, so if someone want to play games, the PC isn't usable. 

So, since I have the cables (also have 50' usb extension cable for controllers), I want to do the same with Launchbox/Bigbox. But I can't find a way to send the audio to the other room via the HDMI, other than choosing the HDMI in the sound card as default in windows 7. Is there any option in LB/BB to output the sound. I have looked through all the settings as well as in the forums. If it isn't possible, sure would be a great feature for the next release...hint, hint.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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4 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

lol I don't want to be that guy but is it really a great feature or just something you need for your very special use case. How many users do you think would need something like this

I have actually mentioned this myself before. It would be handy for people with a dual monitor or monitor/TV setup so the audio only comes from the monitor/TV that is actually running bigbox. At the moment i cant have bigbox on one and say a youtube vid on the other as they both overlap the audio. 

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4 hours ago, DOS76 said:

I figured since I was so quick to dismiss the idea of it being added that I would look into software that might actually already handle it instead of just being a dick. Glad someone found it useful

The first app, it is a neat little thing and could be useful to some. However, that defeats the purpose of having the software application itself handling it for you, thus called "a feature." The app on github really doesn't work at all with many of the emulators, and you would also have to run back and forth to the PC to change it every time you change games. It would be much simpler to simply change it in windows ONE time, then change it back when finished. Of course you would lose your sound on the PC by doing that while someone else is playing the games. So back to where I started. Thanks for taking the time to look, maybe someone else has some ideas.


I have found a small app that allows me to switch my audio default device with configurable hotkeys, which is working pretty well. It's FREE as well and can be found here:

Audio Switcher

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