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Trouble With Pathnames


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N00b here.  I installed Launchbox and MameUI64 into separate folders
from their respective 7Zip and .exe files, both on a single, clean 
2TB HDD.  I next dropped all my MAME .198 ROM files into the resulting 
\MameUI64\ROMS folder.  

So set up, I had Launchbox copy all the ROMS (per default sets).  
It dutifully put them into Games\Arcade, and downloaded images.  
Everything appears just 'as advertised'.  Appearances are deceiving,
however.  8-(

Launchbox will not permit me to access the MameUI64.exe I placed into
the Launchbox folder, nor will it allow me access to the ROMS that it
placed in Games\Arcade!  It insists on employing the .exe file and  
ROMS sitting in the MAMEUI64 folder!  (I know this because despite
observing the pathnames as I perceive to be correct, Launchbox can 
find nothing with the originating MAMEUI64 folder removed.)

Can someone figure what I might be overlooking?  tia   

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There can be a few things going on. A couple of basic items are:

Did you make sure that you also set the rom path in MameUI now to the /Games/Arcade folder? Since you had Launchox move the roms you have to now update MameUI to the path for the roms where Launchbox moved them. 

Is the name of the associated platform linked to your Mame emulator in Launchbox the same name of the platform you imported the Mame roms into? 

If your MameUI64.ini file is located in the Ini folder in your mame emulator folder you will need to copy out into the main folder that the MameUI64.exe is in. 

What would be helpful is sharing images of your set up. This way we can see if there is indeed a disconnect in your setup. 

1. In tools go to manage emulators and choose to edit your mame set-up. Share a pic of the emulator details tab and the associated platforms tab. 

2. Right click on a game and choose edit. Share a pic of the launcher tab and emulation tab

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Thanks for the input.   8-)

From your first paragraph, I realized the problem with
the path to the Mame.exe file.  It has been 20 years since
I last meddled with MAME, and I had forgotten it provided
for pathnames internally.  So apparently did the YouTube
expert.  8-)  The "ROMS directory" currently reads:


Of course, now Launchbox can't find ROMS.  8-)

The reason for my delay in responding is because I haven't
a clue as to how to add a .jpg image into a post.  I'm
working on this.  Meanwhile:

Emulator Name == MAME
Emulator App Path == F:\Launchbox\MameUI64.exe
Sample Command == MameUI64.exe File

Edit Platform == ARCADE
Manage Platforms     Folders == Game           Games/Arcade

Edit Game Emulation Tab Choose an Emulator == MAME
  "  "    Launcher Tab ROM File == Games\Arcade\1941.zip

"If your MameUI64.ini file is located in the Ini folder"
I have no such file.  I just ran MameUI64.exe in the MameUI64
folder to recreate a MameUI.ini file.  This in turn seems to
contain only the background pathname, and indicates it may be
deleted to return to a default situation.

As I post this, I will look again in the forum for instructions
as to image posting.  I may be able to obviate the foregoing.  8-)

Thanks for putting up with this.     tje

As I prepared to submit this, I see I can attach files.  I won't try

this unless you still think they would be useful.  Thanks.



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Yes the photos would be extremely useful. All you have to do is drag and drop the image files. 

As far as the ini file goes you are looking for mame.ini I posted to wrong name in my other post. It is the mame.ini NOT mameui64.ini like I posted before. Apologies on that.

In the images below the file is originally located in the ini folders. It needs to be copied and pasted into the main folder where the mameui64.exe is.



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AHA!!!  You've done it with the reply.  There was no mame.ini file in the Ini folders

for me to fool with previously.  Perhaps when you shocked me into recalling how

to set pathnames in MameUI64.exe, fixing that created a mame.ini file in the

parent folder that I now see for the first time!   In any event, I copied it over to

..\Launchbox and ALL IS WELL!  I'm portable at last, and with only one copy of

ROMS on the drive to boot.  8-)     Thank you again for sticking with me.  tje



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