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Not Launchbox but I don't know who else to ask :-(


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Hi all!

I got Launchbox and Emumovies as a lifetime supporter and I set everything up for running it all with Retroarch.

It works great but one thing bugs me ... I can't get certain cores to load. Straight from the start they wouldn't load. If you tried to load the libretro it was still "no core". The libretros are there abd I tried updating them. That all works. It downloads, it extracts ... But you can't load them even though they are listed.

All FB Alpha Cores, some MAME Versions (like 2010), Mednafen64 ... They all don't load :-(

Is here someone that can help me?

I am running Retroarch in Win 10.

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Right off the top of my head I am gonna guess that you may be using the 32 bit version of Retroarch and some cores are 64 bit only and incompatible with the 32 bit version.

Are you downloading the cores using the Online Updater in Retroarch or are you downloading directly from their website ?

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Try going to the cores folder and remove the problematic ones. Then open RA and go to Online Updater > Update Core Info Files. 

Wait for completion and then re-download one of the cores. Wait for it to reach 100% before going to the cores list. See if that helps. 

I had a similar issue some time ago and it was because the info files I had were old and not alligned with the cores versions. 

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