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Reicast is Update today , and now in changelog i see 

  • Naomi/Compatibility) Hokuto No Ken / Fist Of The North Star now works.
  • (Naomi/Compatibility) King of Fighters New Wave – no longer crashes during fights, there are still display glitches though.

    I put in System dc folder  " naomi_boot.bin " file (rename the naomi bios )   , I can not understand how to start the First of North Star roms.
    Does anyone know how to do ?
    Thank you
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ou will need roms that worked on nullDC Naomi. These will typically be .dat/.lst or .bin/.lst pairs.

The last value of the .lst file specifies the size of the .dat/.bin file in hexademical value.

Here is an example of the .lst file used for Toy Fighter –

Toy Fighter
“Toy Fighter.dat”, 0x0000000, 0x05800000

You can find the existing .lst files here.

NOTE: MAME ROMS won’t work (yet). Proper Atomiswave roms won’t work, however, most Atomiswave to Naomi GD-ROM conversions should at least work or boot.


How to convert Fist of north star ? 


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While attempting to finish bulk importing the selected naomi ".lst" files, Launchbox will tell me it only found/will import 7 of the 87 files (.lst files) I selected at the begininng. They are all named with the title of the game. Why does Launchbox decide to exclude the others and force me to add these individually?  Any help on this is appreciated. Also I'm on Launchbox, not Launchbox Next...


Capture 2.PNG

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On 10/13/2018 at 5:30 PM, kascesar said:

its okey! but... some one can tell me for tips for to find by my self ! ?

As long as you find a .dat or .bin rom you can add the corresponding ".lst" file from: https://github.com/libretro/reicast-emulator/tree/master/lst

If you don't see one there, you can make a .lst I usually copy an .lst file and edit it with Notepad++ (or just Notepad).

First line should be the title of the game, second line is the file name.

It can be a .dat or .bin so long as it has the exact filename. The last "number" is the file size in hexadecimal.



  • The first line of text doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the .lst file.
  • The filesize in hexadecimal: it doesn't seem to matter if accurate or not.
  • When making a new .lst file, its better to use another .lst file instead of trying to save a new one in Notepad.

This "method" should work to get those Naomi/Atomiswave games running in Retroarch Reicast. However, I am a n00b, so please correct me if I am wrong.

Hope this helps!!

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241524_2018-10-20(5).thumb.png.1719682dfc318e24b7fc6857e12ef7f6.pngDolphin Blue is superb game ... those Bloody *.bin roms are hard to find these days :D

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