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Illegal boolean value for sound; reverting to 0


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Hi all, I have this issue that if I launch Mame roms through LaunchBox, I get an error message "Illegal boolean value for sound; reverting to 0" and I then get no sound. 

If I launch natively from Mame GUI, this doesn't happen and sound works fine. 

Any recommendations on what I might try to fix this?


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Well, it is Mame 0.122u1 so it's really old, but I haven't seen how I can easily update my romset from the current version or even tell what version it is very easily in order to run a newer Mame. I did read the sticky on updating them, but it is mentioned even there that there is no easy way to tell the version of the currrent romset. Do you know of a way? If they are as old as the Mame version than I can't imagine doing that many updates anyway. 

If I were to acquire roms for the newest version of Mame, can I just add another platform in Launchbox and run the newer roms and Mame out of that without impacting anything else, just by naming that a different platform name?

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yeah I would have to agree rebuilding your set with all the packs from 122 up to current would probably prove to be difficult. It would probably prove hard to find all the update packs that far back best bet is to go over to Pleasuredome.org.uk and download the latest set there.

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Can't offer solving that issue but, a Boolean value is binary/true or false. I had to learn Boolean Algebra in electronics and it is comprised of only using 0's (false) and 1's (true). So it would make sense that 0 would result in no audio for this error, but not sure why it is reverting to this unless the value that is set for that ROM is something other than 1 for "on". Perhaps set to a value of 2 or more, which would be illegal.

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