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CPU usage on 8.4 Beta 15


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When you click on a platform for the first time in next it will cache the images for that platform, as i said you can watch a very thin progress bar at the top of the screen when it is doing this. That would be my guess as to whats happening because as you can see in my image i am using 0% cpu, but i already have all the images cached.

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Just now, DOS76 said:

Yeah I rarely ever get high cpu usage from LB so I would say his being that high is abnormal on an i7

Yeah when it is just idling it barely uses any resources at all, thats why i said i think it was probably caching images cause 81% cpu is very high.

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I've just sat and watched Process Explorer for a minute or two (sad twat I know ;) . The whole laptop was using just over 2% CPU, of which LaunchBox was using 1%. Just checked again before posting this: Still 1.10%. It's no big deal; earlier I was shocked at the CPU usage.  Cheers


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14 hours ago, EyeQue said:

I guess I do have a lot of games ;)

Oh!...LaunchBox has stopped downloading videos for newly added games. I've made sure the box is ticked etc. Nothing has worked. I get all screenshots, boxart etc, but no video. Odd :/


That is something that i have seen also, Jason is aware of it and is looking into it, it appears to be steam api related. Strange thing is though that it isnt happening for everyone, so its a little difficult to diagnose at the moment.

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