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i cant launch mednafen psx hw libretro via LaunchBox


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I cant seem to get PSX mednafen in Retroarch to launch through LaunchBox. i can launch PSX games through Retroarch outside of launchbox. 

In the edit emulator box in LaunchBox the assosiateeed platform and caore and default emulator all look fine.

i have been going round in circles with this for about 3 hours, now it time to reach out for help.

There's a pic of my edit emulator window.


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Did you change the emulator your games use ? You have to select all your games in the platform and then edit (Control + E) with the bulk edit tool. Select emulator from the first dropdown menu and then select the emulator you want to use.

The "default emulator" checkbox is only for importing purposes.

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Just now, InsideSmoke said:

i know its not related to that cos they work with epsxe

Well just for clarification, just because a game works in ePSXe that doesn't mean it works with the Mednafen PSX cores in RA (or Mednafen).

You say your games are working in RA on its own outside of Launchbox so I will take your word on that so the above point has nothing to do with anything.

Right click a game and edit and then go to the emulator tab and get a screenshot for me please.1401608890_2018-07-2822_32_03-EditGame.thumb.png.43e1cf435863bd53715050d03a299db0.png

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