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Rainbow emulator config


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I found a Atari emulator called Rainbow

It emulates:

  • 400/800 emulation with 48K RAM
  • 800XL emulation with 64K RAM
  • 130XE emulation with 128K RAM
  • 5200 games console


and it works great the only issue I have is that the emulator does not run the game file in LB instead it just opens the emulator window..  at the moment I only use it for Atari 5200 so I edited removed  the bios  for other systems so It will just open Atari 5200!!! I want to know is how do I configure in so LB opens the chosen game instead of the emulator window.


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I just had a look at the docs for Rainbow and couldn't see any command line parameters to help.

I would highly recommend using Altirra though for Atari 8-bit emulation. It's emulation quality is top notch and works well with LB.



Controller setup  guide




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The controller setup is a bit annoying but you can have it be the analog stick. I haven't tried to setup dual controllers for Robotron because when I want to play that game I simply play the arcade version in Mame.

Mame is also very good for 5200 emulation and the controller setup in that is super simple but there is a couple a of games that have weird bugs in it.

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