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Looking for fine-pitch, hig-res CRT shader for 4K TV.


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I've got a 65" Sony X930E and I've been messing around with several CRT shaders (Royale, apeture, etc.) bundled with Retroarch and most of them seem as though they are designed around smaller displays or 1080p displays. The scan lines all seem gigantic and increasing the scaling of the shader often results in a grid-like appearance or what I can best describe as a synthetic moire pattern. While there probably isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for NES, Genesis, SNES, and arcade, the common thread between all of them is that I want to replicate the appearance of a finer-pitched, high resolution Sony CRT monitor. Something more like a CRT monitor than an NTSC TV is preferred. Any suggestions?

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9 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

Royale and the Kurozumi edit of Royale are both built for 4K displays but they are meant to mimic a high quality CRT TV or PVM not a CRT monitor.

Yeah, that's why I'm looking for a shader(s) that does. I don't have the Kurozumi shader in my shader directory, so I'll have to track that one down and try it, thanks.

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@nathanddrews I think the Kurozumi shader is in the cgp section instead of the crt shaders section if you download the glsl shader pack from Retroarch.

Me personally,for a 4K tv the kurozumi shader cannot be beat in terms of accuracy of a high quality crt or pvm monitor and its my go to shader at the moment.

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It is still meant to mimic a PVM/BVM though and not a CRT computer monitor. I don't know of any shaders that are meant to do that, though of course I don't know if one exists or not.

One trick I was just messing around with is you could try a scaling pass of the stock.glsl shader and change the vertical resolution to 480 and then apply a CRT effect after in 2nd pass, that might give the desired look you are after.

Here is a couple of screenshots of Sonic using the crt-aperture shader. The first one is the stick crt-aperture and the 2nd is with a scaling pass first that renders the image at 480 before applying the crt-aperture pass. It certainly is not perfect and has some artifacting like some lines being improperly spaced but it is a proof of concept that maybe could be refined further. Make sure to view both images at 100% size to get the full effect.1171410213_SonicTheHedgehog(USAEurope)-180813-143140.thumb.png.2bf0c82390506b8c8fad64e21514c0c8.png616686555_SonicTheHedgehog(USAEurope)-180813-143217.thumb.png.c71b68de2c340f8b6f89b192870ef09d.png

Here is the shader I slapped together quickly if you want to try it out, simply drop it in your Retroarch\shaders\shaders_glsl\crt folder and load it like any other preset.


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