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How do I add PC-Booter games to LaunchBox? I have several PC-Booter disk images which I can run from the command-line using DosBox (i.e. "D:\DOSBox\DOSBox.exe" -c "BOOT  'D:\Games\DOS\Silent Service (198x)(Microprose).img'"). How do I add them using LaunchBox's DOSBox?

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You could just make a batch file with the command needed, you'll need a batch file for each game and place it in the correct game directory so for the above make a .bat file call it sservice.bat or something and in the batch file put

boot "Silent Service (198x)(Microprose).img"

then just add the bat file into launchbox.

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You could probably just make a single .bat that uses %~f1 instead of the name of the specific file and then import the .imgs as "roms", and use the .bat as your emulator.

So like, for example, a .bat that contains:

"D:\DOSBox\DOSBox.exe" -c BOOT "%~f1"

%~f1 is CMD's function for "Expand %1 to a fully qualified path name" (%1 being the file that you direct to the .bat).

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Just as a slightly different example, in my Duke Nukem 3D folder, I made a Test.bat that contains "C:\DOSBox\DOSBox.exe" "%~f1".

image.thumb.png.9a14733329b842ce6e6c026bf578a451.pngimage.png.60dd83b7bce00102032e367770cc9f33.pngIf I drag the dosbox.conf onto the .bat (which is synonymous with setting something as a "rom" and directing it to an emulator in Launchbox), what it outputs is this:

image.thumb.png.824a7a954419828b6c7509596a7844e5.pngSo the same thing would apply to anything, add anything like -C Boot or whatever you want on top of it. %~f1 just means "Whatever file you direct to this .bat, is going to be placed here, including the full path."

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