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Launchbox won't Launch ( Fixed )


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last time i used launchbox was around 10 days ago or so. It told me there was a new update available. I chose to update. After that Launchbox / Bigbox refuses to launch at all.

I can manually go in and use Retroarch, but the front end doesn't work anymore. Do i have to reinstall everything cause that would suck majorly.

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Just now, demosthenes2010 said:

I tried this and it cleared all of my configurations, consoles, games, etc... ???

Been fighting to get the thing to just launch (no errors or anything... just double click, cursor spins, nothing appears to launch at all) anyway.  Guess I'll rebuild it from scratch.

Reinstalling does NOT remove your systems and games. You have installed to the wrong location, likely inside of the Launchbox folder, so you likely now have a Launchbox/Launchbox folder, and you are launching the new one which has not been setup.

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Just now, demosthenes2010 said:

@neil9000 and sorry for making that post as a statement instead of posing it as a question.  I know how frustrating that can be.

lol, its fine. I have seen people do this so many times that i knew immediately what you had done. People select the Launchbox folder, rather than the root folder Launchbox is in, so you get a double stacked Launchbox, and Launchbox starts automatically when installed, so you see the fresh install with no existing data rather than all the data you originally had.

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