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Hotkeys for Launchbox.Next // Random Game Select

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So ive noticed that with the new setup there isnt an easy way to rig a select random game button. In the old version i had a keyboard combo that was something like alt+T (tools)+R (select random game) all mapped to one key or controller button. There doesnt look like thats possible here being that  i cant drop down the menu with a key stroke. Are there any hotkeys for opening menus?  And for that matter. Is there an updated Launchbox.Next hotkey list for everything else?

Would it be possible to create a theme that has this?


(i brought this up before but i wanted to create a thread to get see if anyone has found the workaround)

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10 hours ago, deadyourinstinct said:

what about for launchbox.next? I actually prefer that to big box for the most part.

Gonna tag @Jason Carr on this because a keyboard and controller shortcut for this would be really nice and apparently no one has managed to find a shortcut for it. I'm right there with you on preferring Launchbox.next over Bigbox, sure bigbox is nice if you have an arcade cabinet or you like all the added fancy stuff, but if you just want to get in and game then launchbox.next is amazing.

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