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CEMU Game Launch Issue from Launchbox

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I would suggest to just set those back to the default CEMU settings, you likely won't notice any difference in performance in 99.9% of the games with the default settings vs those custom settings, and you won't have any issues launching games from LB/BB with the default cemu time settings.  Or, are you saying that the default settings are now causing you the same error?  I don't have any issues with my CEMU, with the default settings, and launching games via LB/BB, but I did when I was using custom timer settings.

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On 11/12/2018 at 4:28 PM, CDBlue said:

Just a thought, but in CEMU for those of you that are having issues launching from within LB/BB did you set/change the Custom Timer settings?  I had this issue in the past, where I was using the suggestions made by BSOD Gaming for settings in CEMU, and the custom timings caused the bug you are seeing to happen.  Once I switched those back to the default settings that CEMU comes with, the bug went away.  Not sure if this will fix your issue or not, but since it fixed mine I thought I'd share a possible fix :)

Hope this helps,

You are a Savior It did Work I was laso using the timing settings from BSoD and pu them back to default and it Worked!! as of 7.10.2019

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