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NEC - PC Engine TurboGrafx CD and ZIPs


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All my TurboGrafx CDs are zipped and I have been attempting to use Retroarch to emulate these games.  The only thing that seems to happen is i get a .cue file extracted automatically in the same directory as the other zips when I try to launch.  Can I assume using zip files is not supported?  I would like confirmation before I eat up a bunch of disk space extracting them.  If zip is not supported, are there any other compressed formats such as CHD that are?  Thanks in advance.

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RetroArch supports CHD files so you would need to either download the MAME set for PCECD or unzip your games and then run what you have through chdmon which is a program that comes included in MAME. I believe there are some files floating around that will allow you to run it in batch but I'm not sure where you would find them.

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I appreciate the batch file and it worked like a champ.  I went from 426 sets at 147GB to 417 at 94.6GB.  Is there anyway to scan these CHDs to validate the sets?  I typically use CLRMame and DATs from redump.  CLRMame doesn't seem capable of scanning the sets in this format.  I lost some along the way and would like to see what happened.

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