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Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc (OpenMSX) help

Dave S Cramer

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I have searched high and low and have not been able to find any tutorials to getting Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc games working via openmsx. I've looked on the openmsx site but it's a little difficult to understand. Does anyone here have it up and running and if so would you care to share a little help? I'd be forever grateful. Thanks!

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I'm making a little progress. I'm at the point where I input in the command line "laserdiscplayer insert (game name).ogv". The only problem is that the command 'insert' isn't recognized and not in the list of available commands. I have multiple versions of OpenMSX (0.11,0, 0.12.0 and 0.14.0) and none of them recognize 'insert'. Anyone know why this is happening to me? I setup all the 3 individually with catapult and configured them each to launch with Pioneer PX-7.

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Well it really isn't so complicated. I read the module for Rocketlauncher and it appears that it creates a "boot_script.txt" file to pass the configuration to OpenMSX and then call a command line to start the emulator with a given game.

To make it work in Launchbox, all you have to do is to :

  1. Add a new emulator
  2. Name is "OpenMSX" and set the Emulator Application Path to your openmsx.exe
  3. The Sample Command should now looks like `openmsx.exe "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE"`
  4. In the Associated Platforms add a new one
  5. Associated Platform is "Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc" or however you want to name the platform in Launchbox.
  6. Default Command-Line Parameters are "-machine Pioneer_PX-7 -script boot_script.txt -laserdisc" and check the "Default Emulator" checkbox

Of course, the boot_script.txt need to exists in the OpenMSX Emulator folder. RocketLauncher generates it based on its configuration. My boot_script.txt looks like :

set fullscreen on
set fullspeedwhenloading on
set renderer SDL
plug joyporta joystick1
plug joyportb keyjoystick2

It's easy to see that only basic directives are required here. Set fullscreen to on and map the joystick ports. You can also check the "save_settings" and "load_settings" commands for OpenMSX (https://openmsx.org/manual/commands.html).

And while you're on the Launchbox emulator settings, in the "Running AutoHotKey Script" tab you can input the following script in order to be able to close OpenMSX with the Esc key :

; This section closes OpenMSX when pressing Escape
	Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}

That's all !

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