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Any plans to update the included VLC?


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I just uploaded a playlist theme for Smash Bros. here:

When I tried to add the 4K video to my setup I noticed BigBox having a hard time decoding the video (visible rendering errors). I found this weird considering the video played fine on my VLC install (Version 3.0.4). I tried playing it back on the included VLC installation and noticed it's version 2.2.6? Hardware decoding support for 4K/8K video wasn't added (or at least enabled by default) until version 3.0.0: https://www.videolan.org/developers/vlc-branch/NEWS

I should mention the 4K video is encoded with HEVC as opposed to H.264. An H.264 video of the same quality would be over 1 GB with the former being 413 MB. ?

So, basically I was wondering how often the included version of VLC is updated. Or should I just compromise video quality in the meantime to get the video playing smoothly. Thanks in advance! ?

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Per Jason's post in this thread it is not something that will easily be updated. Here is his post from that thread in case you do not want to search for it. 

On 11/14/2018 at 12:59 PM, Jason Carr said:

I looked into this recently and the VLC 3.x series unfortunately makes some major changes that will require significant work to get working with LaunchBox and Big Box. It is on my list, but as it's not a simple task, it's currently not my highest priority.

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