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ListCache.xml file is corrupt


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Hey there, I've been amassing quite a bit of stuff in Launchbox and upgraded my motherboard in my retro arcade to work almost perfectly with the United theme except for attract mode which I disabled but not too important at this point. Recently I've been adding Amiga adf files and editing the settings for each game and I noticed when I would make a settings change there was a delay and the resolution of the launchbox program itself would "stretch" and sometimes freeze and crash the program after exiting the edit settings unless I gave it a bit of time to go back to the normal look or resolution. So I just tried to open it and I had an xml error before but not the same exact message and i was able to re-install from the most recent update and everything would come back to normal. At this point everytime i reinstall from the update launchbox folder it gives the same error. It will initially load with no content and then when i close and re-open it gives the error in the picture below. The last time I had the different xml error it did come up, but again not this time and I am hesitant to uninstall and re-install lest i lose everything. I'm open to suggestions on how to fix. Havent seen this particular error exactly like this before. Think my game count is 20,000. Thanks.






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Yes, what you said worked my friend. I did a Windows 10 search for the file and it only came back now. Oh, how I hate Windows 10. Maybe I'm the minority but... Anyways i went to launchbox/data folder for the newbies and also went to launchbox/backup folder. I tried the the most recent backup and got the same error then went back to the beginning of the day from the backup. In the data folder I renamed the current "listcache.xml" file to "listcachexml.old" I then renamed renamed the file I copied from that backup to the correct file name and it worked ☯.

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3 hours ago, surreal0769 said:

I might post a good walkthrough on how to use WinUae with Launchbox as the FS-UAE doesnt cut the mustard in my opinion. I got it almost seemless so far.


@Zombeaver did a big video tutorial for FS-UAE and LB and it works great. I also use FS-UAE without issues with WHDLoad and ADF format games, CD32 stuff is more of a pain in the ass though.

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Thanks, if it should happen again I'll try to delete the xml. Yeah FS-UAE I had some issues with the pointer emulation not working so great. Tried to play Lemmings / Populous and the lag was so bad it made it difficult to click on an object. WinUAE seemed to work quite a bit better, the pointer was flawless and emulation just runs super smooth on most stuff. Got it down where I can launch the games separately in Launchbox but there are a couple more tweaks to implement with disk swapping. I briefly went over your video but the lag with that emulator made me think it wasn't worth it. Was kinda surprised because I think that runs off the same basic engine as winuae.

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