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Add new img to unified theme?


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A couple of things to check, You say you made a platform called Nintendo 64 hd, but the images are called Nintendo 64 HD, capitals instead of lower case. Also what format are the images in, all the default ones in that theme are .png are the ones you have? It shouldnt normally matter, but maybe hardcoded to .png in the theme, i honestly dont know there.

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9 hours ago, slashguns04 said:

does anyone have the same problem?

I just added custom images for favorites playlists for my kids and no issues with Unified showing them. Png files placed in the specific pointers, borders, and background folders.


Is the 64 HD the only one giving you issues? Do you have any other custom platforms and do they show the images?

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There should not be anything to change settings wise. As long as the image name matches the name of the playlist or platform and you are putting them in the themes images folders it should work next time you restart BigBox. 

Just to be clear are you using Unified or Unified Redux?

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4 minutes ago, slashguns04 said:

I tried it does not work with jpg
also the default img are in png format

No, the default images are .jpg.

image.thumb.png.610c04d0d36a0f5095178f3da9baf96b.pngLooks like you may be using a old version of the theme, possibly one that does not support what you are trying to do. I would re-download the current version of the theme and try that. Jason specifically says in the download description that he converted all images to .jpg which halved the size of the theme.

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3 minutes ago, slashguns04 said:

you do not need to replace a background for an existing system, but a new system such as nintendo 64 HD or pinball fx3

Yes i know that, i was just showing that it works. OK then, i have just created a Nintendo 64 HD platform in Launchbox and i added the same Homer image with the name Nintendo 64 HD, and again it works just fine.


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