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Which games need to be zipped or unzipped?


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So I'm finally getting around to setting up my launchbox again and found out that ps2 games need to be unzipped and other systems, I forget which one it was right now, work with zipped games. Is there a place that tells me which systems need zipped or unzipped games? I looked in the forum and didn't see a thread about this.

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OMG SNES has given me so much trouble. In the YouTube video I was following it shows all files 7 zipped mine were just plain zipped and launchbox wasn't recognizing the games. Then when I would go to play a game once I finally had a few loaded the stupid thing wouldn't play. For some reason the associated platform tab of retroarch listed snes9x next but there isn't a core called that in retroarch. THEN I found out that the name of the core in that tab was wrong. But I finally have that loaded. Still not sure why zipped files don't load into the library like they did on the YouTube video. At least the files aren't large. I think in total all 700+ games total under 1gb.

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My PS2 games are in a gzip format that is supported as opposed to an ISO. The difference is on first launch of the game it will create a small cached' shortcut in your game directory so it will take a few seconds on first opening. After that the boot up performance is fine after that.

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