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HBO Inspired Start-up Theme Suggestion

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As I was perusing among the variety of ingenious start-up videos, something came to mind. I thought how cool would it be to have a nostalgic HBO inspired start-up theme?  

Creating such a video is unfortunately not among my computer skills, I would just love to see something of the like come to life when launching Big Box. Fingers crossed that such a content creator feels the same sense of nostalgia and makes this a reality some day.

Happy gaming friends, and I would just like to say thank you to the Launchbox team, moderators, and content creators for all that you do.


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Holy cow! Totally forgot about this epic HBO theme until I saw it here. This brings back memories of my HBO movie watching big time back in the day. If someone could make a Big Box start up with this I also think that'd be awesome!

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I like the 1983 Version much better. What we were looking for was to get something just like that but maybe instead of HBO letter flying it shows BIGBOX. When it gets to the O it goes inside and says Bigbox Feature Presentation or something like that.

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