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Majora's Mask Using Different Languages Per Emu


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Good afternoon,

For experimental purposes, I decided to setup Project 64 just to see how it compared to RetroArch. In terms of graphics, I'm actually pleasantly surprised and glad I took the time to set up the new emulator.

For testing purposes, I decided to throw in Majora's Mask. To my surprise, I saw that the language text was set to Japanese by default in RetroArch. However, it comes up in English in Project 64.

I wanted to know if anyone knows why this is, and more importantly, if anyone knows how to change the language text so I can play the game in English in RetroArch.

Thank you.

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Thank you @DOS76 for your quick response.

I just got it figured it out.

The ROM package I had gotten this from had multiple regions/versions -US, Europe, Japan- all within the same compressed file. And I use compressed files when launching my games.

So interestingly enough, RA was pulling from the Japanese copy whereas Project 64 pulled from one that was in English. After separating the US copy and using that to launch it sorted out the issue.

For the record, I will say that Project 64 does a much better than RA does (at least using Mupen core) at emulating this game.

Thanks again for your quick response! :) 

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