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1 hour ago, Dexll said:

I have triple monitor set up and it doesn't want to appear on the main monitor, monitor number 1.  Is there a place I can tell it what monitor to use?

I do not believe you can specify in LB/BB which monitor you want the startup screens to show up on. I have not seen any options for that and it has not been mentioned as a feature. 

Are you wanting to have it show up on a screen other than what the emulator or Launchbox/BigBox might be on?

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Yes, I want it to appear on Monitor 1, the monitor I have set as Main Monitor in the Windows display settings.  This is the monitor my emulators display on.

I have done all sorts of things to try to fenagle it onto monitor 1, like disabling/re-enabling monitors in different orders, rebooting in between, etc..  Only when I disable monitor 2 and 3, it appears on 1, but then when I re-enable 2, 3 or both, it won't appear on 1.  Really wish there was a control for this.

I know I can just disable startup screens, but I like them, they are nice.  

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