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Atari 800 importing is whacked?


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So I imported a ROMset for the Atari 800.   Something is off.  The games are called out wrong, have the wrong box art, are for the wrong system etc.  Is there any idea as to what is wrong and how to fix? 

This example is calling Wall, The as Wall-E.


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I would uncheck the Wikipedia box when importing initially, it will pull in unrelated items as you saw depending on how roms are named. Particularly for the computer based systems.  Wikipedia doesn't have much in way of Atari 800 info for specific games so it pulls in next best thing which tends to be Commodore or Apple II media (assuming it gets game name right).  The LB DB is relatively sparse on the Atari 800.  I have added maybe 15 or so games for Atari that were "popular" games at the time. So less popular ones likely going to have to hunt down media. 

Atarimania web site has the most media but they annoyingly watermark much of the media (also contributing to why not as much in LB DB).

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I'm currently doing Atari 800, came to letter H so far. I'm using clear logos for all of my platforms, and when importing Atari 800 games, about 60% are missing clear logos, so I create them myself. It's a bit better when it comes to screenshots, and I mostly use only 1-2 per game plus the game title, and for that Atarimania helps, as the screenshots are not watermarked. 

LB usually scrapes them correctly, some don't get scraped at all, probably as they're not in the database, at least the lesser know ones. I have around 790 games in my clean Atari 800 games set, so still a lot of work ahead.  

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