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Big Fade Start

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Big Fade Start is a compliment to the Big Fade pause theme previously released. The startup theme shows game metadata contained in a gradient transparent list box. A fanart background that is faded away at the bottom to allow clear view of a platform specific startup video and gameplay screen shot. The platform specific video is used to play a platform's boot video (SNK NeoGeo, Xbox, and Playstation systems for example). In the absence of a system having an original boot video, or the user not having one in place; the theme will play a default video.

Only a portion of platform boot videos are provided in the theme as well as a default video. Additional boot videos will added later or can be added by user.

Important notes about videos:
1. A user can add or change videos for any platform. Simply place a video file in the theme's \Videos folder and name it exactly as the platform is named in your specific setup.
2. The default video can be replaced by adding your own and naming the file "_Default.mp4"
3. In emulators that may take longer to load than the duration of the video in place the theme will continue to loop the video until the emulator fully loads and take control. YOu can see this occur in the demo video with Sammy Atomiswave. 

4. IMPORTANT: There is a minor issue with audio from videos playing in a Startup theme and it is something determined by our Launchbox developer that cannot be fixed at this time. Audio from the video will bleed into the start of emulation until the emulator officially takes over. It does not occur with all emulators and It is only about 1-2 seconds if it does occur. For any emulator this affects perform the steps below:

To fix audio bleed issue:

1. In Launchbox go to >Tools>Manage Emulators.

2. Select the emulator the audio bleed is affecting and edit it.

3. In the "Startup Screen" tab change the "Startup Load Delay" to 1 second. Click "OK" and close.

Image Priorities:

Recommend in your Launchbox Image Priorities for Background moving clear logos further down the list of not using at all. This theme will resize and crop clear logos since the theme was designed for fanart primarily.

Installation (Requires Launchbox 9.8 or higher)

Theme was tested and works on a 4:3 screen as well.

I claim no credit to any artwork or videos provided in the theme. All credit goes to the original content creator. 



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41 minutes ago, DragoonDemon4 said:

Hi, I have an issue with the text when my screen is scaled more than 100%, that's the only issue im running right now, no issue with sound yet.

I will try to see if there is a way I can have to text autoscale with something like this. I am sure there is a way. My code knowledge is entry level. Thanks for letting me know. I will see what I can do and post a fix. 

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7 hours ago, DragoonDemon4 said:

125% and 150% show the issue but I always use 125%

What about the resolution? Is the text too big, too small? More information is always helpful. 

I get no issues with 125% but I use a 16:9 1080. At 150% the font is smaller so will look at how I can make that auto adjust if possible. 

In the mean time you can edit the xaml file and change anywhere the code shows  FontSize="28" to either a smaller or larger font size based on what you need. 

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On 9/28/2019 at 4:32 PM, DragoonDemon4 said:

here's a pic from my pc, my display is a samsung tv full hd at 1080p, I use an nvidia geforce 960 on windows 10 latest

fade start.png

OK. Until I can figure out how to code a fix that can adjust based on display scaling you will just need to edit the Default.xaml and anywhere you see the below font code just change it to a smaller number. For me the font shows correct even at 125% but I do not use a TV so that might be the difference. 


You should see 10 lines with that FontSize in it. Change it to something like 24 or 22. 

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