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Error: Your system is running out of memory (RAM) and Launchbox cannot continue

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I'm getting this error recently after version 9.0.  I've updated to 10.1 and the same issue happens.  After a few minutes, the error message pops up, and Launchbox shuts down.  My computer currently has 16GB ram on Windows 7 with a 2GB video card and the correct and updated drivers.  All emulators work outside of Launchbox and in GameEx frontend.  Launchbox worked flawlessly until recently.  Has anyone else gotten this issue, and did you find out why?


Edit:  An additional thought occurred to me.  I did add quite a few new roms after a MAME update around that time.  The art cache might be filling up the ram.  Is there a way to disable or change the art cache function?  I tried using just a list of roms instead of any graphics, and the error comes up the same.

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