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LaunchBox freezes on options menu


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Hello -- I'm running Windows 10 64-bit (current on updates) and just downloaded LaunchBox v. 10.6. I haven't yet done anything within the application (i.e. have not imported any ROMs, set up emulators, or messed around with themes). When I click Tools --> Options, the application freezes. My cursor changes to the spinning blue circle and the whole application just hangs until Microsoft offers to "close the program" or "wait for the program to respond." Any ideas as to what could be going on? My .NET Framework version is 4.8.


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same here, I have had this issue for over a year now and it renders big box unusable. In addition to the long freezes (sometimes it neer recovers) I have to wait nearly 5-10 min for bigbox to load. I've started from scratch too and reimported some roms to see if my library was causing an issue and its not. Best guess it icue (ive heard conflicts with this) are happening but i have never been able to remedy by closing services and software, it always happens even on fresh windows installs. This is why I think its that fucking piece of crap corsair keyboard which i actually love but hate icue software. Anyone have any ideas? 

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Happening to me as well, freezing on menu and bigbox. ill try to reinstall.. what else can i do.. 


EDIT: After reinstall and reboot, everything went back to normal. I am assuming some kind of process or a temp config was lingering. Nevertheless, I looked for either and could not find anything prior to make changes. Big question mark at this point.....  "??????????????"

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