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  1. I'm having the same issue, It crashes on options so I can't enable logs.
  2. This just started happening to mine as well Version 11.8.
  3. I've been stuck in D-input mode since I switched the 1at time. Can't get it to go back to keyboard or switch it to x-input (my preference) for the life of me.
  4. This is how I have my custom images set up. Each image is imported via metadata.
  5. I've backed up the old marquee images, but the new "marquee" custom images won't display and defaults to the game box images if I don't rename them to the rom filename.
  6. Thanks for the reply. In the instructional video the images were outputting with game titles. I guess I was hoping there is a way to change what the output filename is. I have a 1280x1024 secondary monitor on a converted silver strike bowling cab. I'm trying to make custom images and the plan was just to replace the existing marquee images with these custom images.
  7. Hello, I have to start with this is absolutely fantastic! I'm currently creating custom images but when I render them they are named using the Launchbox Database ID rather than the rom name. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Agreed Xinput. The best compatibility.
  9. I hope removing admin privileges solved the issue. I have the same setup except Xbox 360 instead of DS4. If you have an Nvidia card you might give moonlight a try. You can install it onto the steam link via USB. Big box streams a lot better through it.
  10. This is awesome! I have a secondary monitor and I'd love to have more than 1 image displayed for the games during play. My secondary monitor is 5:4 aspect ration will this allow a custom template size?
  11. I gotta try to find that theme. Using a 4:3 for my secondary monitor. Trying to make it interesting, maybe Marquee at the top, controls and art at the bottom.
  12. I doubt anyone else needs this but I wrote a batch file that works by focusing MAME over BigBox: echo (new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell")).AppActivate("mame64.exe"); > focus.js cscript //nologo focus.js del focus.js Add the batch file as an additional application and check "Automatically Run After Main Application"
  13. This is by far the easiest Marquee Display setup I've used in a frontend to date. I have everything displaying fine but I do like playing the MAME dual-screen "Punchout, Arm Wrestling & Playchoice 10 games" though. I've been trying to find a way to force MAME to the front on both screens or turn off the BigBox Marquee during those games only. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Dave
  14. @PeaDiddy "Call me daft, but this took me ages to figure out that Exit in BigBox > Options > Controller Mappings actually means exit BigBox when not in-game." Yup that was my issue.
  15. I'm on version 10.5 premium, (just migrated from GameEx) but I'm not having any luck in LaunchBox or BigBox. I've got Game Controllers Enabled, I can't find an option for automation like I've seen throughout the forum so maybe that has something to do with it. I've got it set up in mapping but it doesn't work, I've tried a few combinations. Escape on my keyboard works fine.
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