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Hello all, I just updated my retroarch build to the latest version 1.8.1 at the time typing this. I updated my cores and core info files, and noticed a new core called NeoCD (2019). A Neogeo CD emulation core in retroarch. I was happy to try it out then I noticed that I couldn't get any of the bios files I have working with this core. Anyone else having this issue? Has anyone else tried this core yet?


I also checked here too: (didn't help me much) https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro

RetroArch Screenshot 2019.11.25 -

RetroArch Screenshot 2019.11.25 -

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The newest core changed things around. 

1) It now looks for roms in the RA System directory within the "neocd" folder whereas prior the roms were just under the System directory. They now must be in:    \Retroarch\System\neocd

2) If you have neogeo.zip and neocdz.zip in your \Retroarch\System directory those have the at least one each of the needed roms that you can move in the neocd directory.  If you had a working version prior, then likely have those zip files. Just open and extract the needed 000-lo.lo and neocd.bin files into the neocd directory.  Those two should get you running again and are within a recent MAME rom set. 

See here: https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro  for more info as well as rom hashes needed.  Confusingly, the other ROMs listed can be from older sets but the above two will work:  https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro/issues/6


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i play neogeo cd a lot, and Retroarch FBneo play them really well.
but most of the time i just use Rain32 for 2 principale reasons :

01 - Loadings : in rain32 you can up the cd speed to x48 making the loading virtually instantly. that's not such a big deal on retroarch if you have a turbo button assigned to your controller you can speed it up (and sometimes you just want to watch the loading screens because of the artworks or nice little gifs XD )

02 - my principale reason is this; in retroarch the music stop at each loading and reset, let me explain:
let's say you are playing Kof for example versus the psych soldier team, they have one theme wish is athena song for each round the song will start... and when you finish that round the music stop... and start again in the next roun.
while on Rain32 you have an option to make the music continuous

but tbh Rain32 has some glitches in some games (i'm aware of Art of fighting 2 and Breakers ) while FBneo doesnt ! with some luck FBneo is going to get the music feature!

all this said i didnt try this new core and will do right away :D !

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