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Do anyone knows and if not available how to request something we ALL need


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Hi and thank you so much for reading this as I'm going nuts trying to figure this out, I have a TON of games and I'm currently in the process of creating custom playlist for them so I can have them all neatly organized by series, the problem is it's VERY time confusing and prone to error trying to check if I miss a game because of the multiple platforms and over 50 plus custom playlist categories I have created... going to every playslist and right click and then go to the main menu, go to platforms, go to game......  is there's ANY way to check if I ****ALREADY**** put a game on a custom playlist WITHOUT going all the way to that particular playlist one, by one??? please, anyone? if not how can I humbly request this feature for massive neat nerds like me? please and thank you so much!!!!



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1 hour ago, C-Beats said:

This doesn't answer your question but out of curiosity, why are you creating playlists for Series instead of using the Series field? You could then create an auto-gen playlist where Series contains the value in question if you really needed the playlist.

Well I kinda look into that, how do you adjust values and (I'm sorry) what are values and how you adjust them?

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21 hours ago, reverse_sorrow said:

Well I kinda look into that, how do you adjust values and (I'm sorry) what are values and how you adjust them?

image.thumb.png.4682c3c18a810cc89c2d6bc9fa7c0423.pngThis is the field I am talking about in regard to series (accessed via the edit game button).


To then create the auto-generated playlist, set your filter type to "Platform Category" and go to the place you want the playlist. Right click, hover over add, select "Add Playlist". Then in the third tab ("Auto-Populate") check the box and do something like this:



Then moving forward when you edit a game's series or add a game to than series it automatically is pushed to that playlist. To easily find games without the series filled in, turn on the "None" filter option, then select the "Series" filter and select "None" and you will only see games that are missing that data point. Can then use the search bar to help find key words to make finding the titles in question easier.

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