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Feature request: Export to android (everything but the games)


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Would it be possible to add an option to export to android without including the games? I use a combined rom folder for android and windows and it would save a lot of time during the export to android process if I could just export the game database and media files without having Launchbox include  a copy of all  my games in the android package.

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I was thinking the same thing.

My roms are shared on my home network. Right now i am trying to do it manually by editing all the Windows .xml files in Notepad++ (Searched *.xml, opened in Notepad++ and replacing Windows path with the correct path in android) and then copying the data, metadata, images and videos folders to the Launchbox folder on the android device. No idea if it will work, but worth a try. Of course i will have to set the emulators up manually either way 🤪 

It at least worked fine when doing a windows to windows export on another PC.

Edit: Did not work

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I think I was asking it here too already, seems a mandatory feature and probably "easy" to implement. 

The other thing I asked already several times, see one actual post a bit lower, I would like to export single games, or multiple without the .xml file getting overwritten. I exported once around 200 PS2 games, so you can imagine the time it takes, so when I wanted to add 5 others, I found myself only with those 5 games in my LB library and had to redo the whole process again with 205 games. 

The games stay untouched, as is the media, but the platform .xml file gets altered with the last exported games which makes no sense to me. At least with the export media only, or just export .xml it would be possible not to go through the whole process of exporting everything. You can backup your old .xml file, copy the content from the new one to it, and copy it back, but that's cumbersome. 

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I'd like to "third" this request.

Although, I've had success on clones my Retroid 3 (Android 11) with the following:

1. Install LaunchBox on the "new" Android device, then quit (this sets up the folders and such)

2. Use a file explorer (I recommend FX) to find your unique string ID. Determine this by using FX and looking at SYSTEM/storage. You will see 3 folders, <UNIQUE STRING>, emulated, and self. Take note of the unique string - you will use this in the following steps.

3. Do a search and replace within all of the .xml files located at  EXTERNAL_STORAGE/LaunchBox/Data/Platforms/*.xml on the old device to update the <UNIQUE STRING> to match the new Android device.

     a.  Search for "<ApplicationPath>/storage/<UNIQUE ID>/" in all of the .xml files and replace with the <UNIQUE ID>  customized setting for your Android device.  I recommend copying to a Windows PC first and using Notepad++ because you can open all the .xml files and do a search-and-replace across all of the files at the same time.  

     b. Copy the modified .xml files to the new Android device.



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