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Some OCD needs for my build, any windows experts out there?

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I have everything up and running, but there are a few wrinkles I’d like to iron out if anyone knows the answers:


1:  when booting up my bios splash screen shows a big Dell logo.  Can I get rid of this somehow?


2:  I have no GUI boot enabled, however I still get the windows screen that says Admin and has a little circle logging in.  Can I disable this screen?


3:  can you totally just delay the windows desktop from loading until after big box has booted like you can in Linux?  That would actually eliminate my next two questions which are:


4:  if I absolutely have to see the windows desktop while big box is booting, is there a way to totally get rid of the taskbar?  I have it set to auto hide but you can still see it on initial boot up.  I want to totally delete the taskbar.

5:  again, if I am forced to see the windows desktop, I have a nice background but is there a way to set an animated background that loops an animation like a loading screen?  Granted I can just type “loading big box” on my desktop wallpaper, but an animated one would be nicer

6:  on my old retropie build I had a button which would shut it down and start it up using a script and the GPIO pins.  Can I make something similar in windows?


7:  one more, is there a way to make big box “always on top”?  Sometimes I’ll get notifications or windows boxes that end up coming through the big box ui.

nothing major here just some things to help my ocd.

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for 1 it Depends I know I have seen some PCs that allow you to set a custom image right in the bios so you would have to poke around in the bios settings to see if its there.

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