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xenia emulator, does not close.

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Hi all.
First, sorry for to write bad in einglish.
My problema is with emuletion Xenia , Launchbox and big box. When i am inside from bigbox, tried closed Xenia wiht crontroller Xbox one. he does not respond to me.
Xenia does not have setting controller for close the emulator, and in the configuration bigbox, does not control emulador xenia.

is there any way to solve it?
Thanks in advance.

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From what I can read online about Xenia emulator, the keyboard shortcut to close the emulator is Alt + F4.  If that's still the case, you should be able to edit your emulator setting in LB for Xenia and place the following on the Running AutoHotKey Script tab:

  Send !{f4}

Now pressing escape on your keyboard (or via any controller automation you have setup in LB/BB to exit emulator) should push the Alt+F4 command, thus closing Xenia.

Hope this helps,

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2 minutes ago, sinihes said:


What I want is for it to work with the Xbox console controller

The above script will work with your controller if you have setup a "close active window" combo in controller settings.

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26 minutes ago, sinihes said:

Is a that option in the Launchbox program?

Options/ Legacy?


LaunchBox and BigBox have their own mapping settings.

In Launchbox in the screen you are showing click on "Mapping" and set the "Exit Game" mapping.

In BigBox look for a similar controller mapping section and set the command for "Close Active Window"

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8 minutes ago, sinihes said:

When you press buttons, Start and Select, emulator windows closes.??

(cuando apreta los botones start y Select, se le cierra la ventana del emulador?)

Yes. I use an 8Bitdo controller. My exit is mapped to Start + Select. Works just fine without an AHK. 

Even if I switch to an Xbox One controller and remap to that it works.

Not sure why it is not working for you. 

If you run a game and hit Alt+F4 on your keyboard does Xenia close?

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