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Launchbox can't see NAS mapped drive


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G'day All,

I'm running 10.15 with Win 10 and have recently installed (2 months ago) a Synology DiskStation (DS418) and all has been running well as a JBOD mapped to Z:\ until I tried to change the Rom Folder Path via Tools. The drive (Z:\) is not visible in any browse window within Launchbox, other programs see it fine. I played with a few advanced settings and permissions within the Synology control panel but no luck. I have had no issues with windows and have been constantly reading and writing to the drive.

Has anyone had this issue, maybe with any program not just Launcbox or is there a (like in most cases) a checkbox I've missed?


Note, I have just installed Launchbox as a test on the NAS Z:\ without issue as it could see the drive in the install browser window.

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Sounds like a permission issue with windows, maybe try running launchbox as admin?. I know i had same problem with clrmame pro, it would not see my network NAS drive when i tried to scan. I moved it to a different location and it worked.

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@retroarcadium  You might double check that for your user group assigned that they execute permission checked.  Sounds like there is read/write but the execute bit is not set.   Go to File Station, Properties. File Properties, Permission, Advanced Options, Permission Inspector for the folder you want to check and then select the user group and it will show you if checked like below.  Capture.thumb.PNG.fa05ff271ccdb32d2e5f2476cc525807.PNG

Also, under File Station see if the Privilege column has the "X" bit set and what group is assigned.  Capture2.PNG.bffd57f62d3a6e9ee5128b851b352458.PNG

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