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Impossible to import Lumines for PSP emulator PPSSPP


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I tried several times to import in LB Lumines and Lumines 2 for PPSSPP emuator, but even if LB, at the end of the process, says "2 Games imported", Lumines 2 doesn't appear in the game list.  I tried to import both Lumines and Lumines 2: Lumines iso (named lfc-lumi.iso) is imported but LB detect it as "lumines 2" and  named the media as "Lumines II"  instead of "Lumines".  And the Lumines II iso (named psy-lumi2.iso) isn't imported. 

So I renamed the 2 iso like "Lumines.iso" and "Lumines 2.iso".  Now Lumines 2 is imported correctly, but Lumines isn't imported at all...

Can you help me?Which is the problem?


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Looking at my PSP platform they are both combined into Lumines 2 for some reason/

image.thumb.png.4c51afc82356bed9d205ff7605aa186e.pngI would check if your is the same, if so right click the game and "expand selected game". You may have to rename it in the edit to remove the 2, then search it and grab media. Its in the database as Lumines: Puzzle Fusion.



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11 minutes ago, legolas119 said:

I solved the issue forcing the import...but by default it detect Lumines as Lumines II: I manually fixed it linking the game to Lumines: Puzzle fusion

It's a strange issue...

Its probably just because there is no such game as just Lumines, so it gets added as a version of Lumines 2.

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