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DEMUL and DS4 controllers


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So, I really wish DEMUL worked in Retroarch, because everything just works with that emulator, and DEMUL is definitely better than any of the Dreamcast cores inside Retroarch. 

My main problem with DEMUL is that when I try to bind my DS4 controller to the inputs it comes up with "joy0_anl3_key" before I have a chance to press the button I want assigned. I found this fix but it only really works for player 1, one controller, Dreamcast only, not Naomi or any of the other systems DEMUL can emulate. One alternative is to use a input mapper like DS4Windows, but I found that using something like that interferes with other games that work normally in Retroarch without an input mapper. Maybe there's a way to turn on the input mapper when the game is started, and exit it when the game is exited? 

I'm finding it frustrating to get DEMUL working with my DS4 properly. Can anyone give me some advice? 

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Just now, DOS76 said:

I don't know the specifics but you could probably use a script to only use the mapper when you open Demul and have the mapper close again when you exit the emulator.

Like an autohotkey script? What would be the script command to shut down the program when the game is quit?

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