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Emulators inside emulators, importing troubles


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Somewhere between troubleshooting and noobs I guess. 

Magnavox Odyssey has two emulators: Odyemu runs on ms-dos while Odysim has the games on separate windows exes ie there's no separate emulator. What's the smartest way to import the games? 

For Odyemu, I can import the games with some unrelated emulator (because you can't import games without emulators and you can't add Odyemu as an emulator because it's a dos program) to get the batch run done and then edit each game, copy the rom path, remove the emulator, add dosbox ,  paste the rom path to app parameter and finally point the application path to Odyemu. I can't initially import them as ms-dos games because the games are rom files and not executables. Option to duplicate the same entry would probably be optimal; I could then just do one game right manually, duplicate it 50 times and edit the title and app parameter for each. If there's a way to do it, I've missed it.

For Odysim I at least thought I found a sneaky way in; as all games are on separate .exes on separate folders, I thought I could import them as ms-dos games and then remove the dosbox check for each.... except "ready to import" for folder ends up empty whereas trying to import them as files ends up in the screenshot. So that didn't work either.

I have this nagging feeling I'm doing this in some insanely stupid and complicated way compared to how it could be done, so here I am, begging the community to show the error of my ways :)


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Just stumbled on this, never heard of Odysim but if I'm understanding you correctly the games are like exes? If so, just import them like you would any other exe, NO emulator and launchbox will launch them easily. I'm going to try to check out Odysim now and I'll report back if I can get it running. 

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