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I've just solved that issue myself. It created a new one of course. My .bat files read: 

@daphne.exe singe vldp -x 800 -y 600 -noserversend -framefile singe/crimepatrol/frame-crimepatrol-cdrom.txt -script singe/crimepatrol/cdrom-crimepatrol.singe

You'll see posts where people suggest removing the -x 800 -y 600 and replacing it with -fullscreen_window. That doesn't work on my setup. -fullscreen by itself worked for displaying in fullscreen, but for some reason I then lose audio. I've got the games launching from LB, but I have to minimise the command line box each time, and the games appear in a floating window. It's not 100%, but I can play the games, which is my aim. I'm using my TV as a monitor.

Good luck sorting it out. :)

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