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Tycho's Game Control Screens


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Tycho's Game Control Screens

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These are for use with @Retro808's excellent Game Controls pause theme. I love its utility, so I made my own screens. I've included "generic" (system-wide) screens, as well as some game- or series-specific screens. Those are placed inside a folder named for the platform, with each file named using the games' Launchbox database ID number. They've been tested and work as expected, assuming you've set up the theme correctly. Of course, you may have to rename some of the platform files or folders according to your own setup; see the original post of the theme for more details.

Some of the screens include button mappings that obviously won't work for everyone, and I didn't even come close to making a screen for every platform (only the ones I have), so I've also included template files to create your own screens, using the PNGs and backgrounds that I've made/collected. There are Photoshop and Illustrator files, and I'm sure I used a non-standard font or two. Anyway, I hope these are of use to somebody - enjoy!


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