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  1. Big Fade

    Big Fade draws inspiration from @Grila BigForce BigBox theme. Pause theme shows a fanart background that fades away at the bottom to allow clear view of scrolling game notes and a game play image. Pause Menu is contained in a gradient transparent list box. Theme was tested on a 4:3 screen images provided to show how it looks on a 4:3.
    Image Priorities:
    Recommend in your Launchbox Image Priorities for Background moving clear logos further down the list of not using at all. This theme will resize and crop clear logos since the theme was designed for fanart primarily.
    Installation (Requires Launchbox 9.8 or higher)
    Available directly in the BigBox Pause theme manager.
    Download from the forum and:
    1. Download zip file. (You may need to right click the zip file and choose "unblock"
    2. Extract zip in your \Launchbox\PauseThemes folder (fonts do not need to be installed)
    Big Fade Start can be located here. It is a startup theme to compliment the Big Fade pause menu. 



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  2. PausePie

    PausePie is a simple pause theme for LaunchBox/BigBox based off of the RetroPie system menu. A simple text based menu system overlays a slightly blurred background image of the game.
    Installation Instructions
    Extract the PausePie folder into your LaunchBox\PauseThemes folder Go into the PausePie folder and install the Primus-Demo.otf font Open LaunchBox or BigBox and change the Pause Theme to PausePie  


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