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25 minutes ago, Zeaede said:

i can't find any turtorial to explain or not show how

There are no tutorials for general options in the UI, as that is entirely up to the user, in this case you. How i have my options set as well as the actual theme i use is probably very different to you, so if i was to make a tutorial with my settings, it would be completely irrelevant to you. We have options so you can make it look how YOU want it to, we cant make a tutorial for that as only you know what you want. Just mess with the settings, they are pretty self exoplanetary as to what they are going to change.

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4 hours ago, Zeaede said:

I got the look on main weel, but not the other 2 game wheels, that's the problem

So apparently some thing i missed in settings somewhere i can't find any tutorial to explain or not show how

How exactly are you changing the view type?

In your BigBox settings go to >Options>Views and tell me if you have the item highlighted below checked or not.


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29 minutes ago, Zeaede said:

Since i have nothing to  go after i try whatever

But thanks anyway

Yeah that did not answer any of the questions I asked.

You say you have nothing to go after??? So the steps I gave you on how to change a view in real time and the questions I asked you in my prior post are nothing for you to go after?

If you do not wish to answer our questions and/or do the steps we gave you to actually try and get you to the look you want, I think there is nothing further we can do for you.

Until you are actually ready to listen to us and provide actual responses I cannot help you anymore.


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I don't find any instructions anywhere how to get main wheel game wheel looks like this with that selected theme

There is dussin of options and combinations to pick in settings

No turtorial is showing how that is done with Apply as Main Theme or Apply as

All turtorials is missing steps how to



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Thanks for screens, now i got the same look on game wheel, but without logos on games.

That simple step is missing at many instructions how set up theme

 I figured out how to get logos for the games, just check all marks when importing games for that system

If i want videosnaps i get them from EMU movies


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