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Database updates/news and also a reminder about the Wikipedia field


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Just wanted to inform anyone interested in on what's new in the database that I'm mostly done with my missing games contributions for this year (and probably going  a lot slower from now on - unless we might see some additional platform entries in the database :P). I basically started to contribute missing entries early 2020, during this very challenging time. I simply thought of sharing all the media/metadata from the my local collection I had already collected for a long time, making it accessible to everyone using the database. I never thought I'd go through a total of 171917 submitted changes + quite a lot of moderation on top of it. This has included a lot of Japanese entries, like PC-88, PC-98, FM-7, FM Towns, Sharp X1, MZ-2500 and many other older computers (Acorn, Apple, CPC, Atari ST, filling missing gaps from Commodore models etc. ). Of course I haven't been the only one doing this, but those were the focus point I had. Many many others have managed to even complete or almost complete some hugely populated platforms this year like the PS1 and Nintendo DS.

So please update your collections with the latest metadata and you'll find that you'll get a bit more ID hits than a year ago ;)
The latest batch I put up: Pinballs. They've got some really beautiful flyers, the oldest ones from the 30's(!!) and for example on the emulation side Visual Pinball's VPX tables look and play just amazing. 

And on the other note: I've seen different "hard" claims on the database (not the best place to make claims to be honest, use the forum for discussions please). And lately one of these claims was about the Wikipedia Field. I just double checked from Jason and he told me that this has been clarified before, so once again based on that information: the Wikipedia Field is ONLY for Wikipedia URL's, anything else shouldn't be accepted. Even if there is no Wikipedia URL available.
It's quite natural when you think about it, since we have nowadays a "Wikipedia Link" button in Launchbox and you'd expect it to go right there :D. You can of course always discuss this, that's one reason we have the forum and we have super cool devs that are actively joining the discussions with the community.

Anyway, I wish everyone safe and Happy Holidays and GAME ON!

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