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ummmm... missing 'quick menu' in retroarch


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I'm going bonkers!! I just don't seem to have 'quick menu' ANYWHERE in retro arch. I can see hotkeys to bind with a controller, but that's it.

I also checked retroarch.cfg and it's all set to true... 


What am I missing here? 

I tried to look online though everything points to accessing quick menu while in a game, again binding controller hotkeys. 


It's driving me nuts!



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1 hour ago, HappyDavePants said:

I was trying f1 also. Nothing happens. I swear it's driving me nuts! Tempted to reinstall retro arch, even though I didn't even change anything yet other than download cores. 

Just remove Retroarch.cfg and retroarch.default.cfg from your setup and start RetroArch again.

Then when a game loads just press F1 and the quick menu will appear.

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37 minutes ago, HappyDavePants said:

You are a champ!!!!!! That works!!

Do you know how I can get it in the normal menu when not actually in a game?  Is that even possible

Try loading a core then pressing F1 after you have loaded it.

Just tried it and Quick menu appears.

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4 hours ago, HappyDavePants said:

Man you guys are awesome! What a great community!!!!!

Yeah that works.. I wonder how other people seem to get it showing on the side bar constantly.. I always see it in youtube videos, though I have no idea how they get it there


The quick menu shows options related to the core or game loaded at that time, hence it is not available at all without something loaded inside of retroarch.

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I Have the updated version of this and since it has the the hotkeys where you set a combo of buttons when I press the buttons on my PS3 Controller it automatically closes Retroarch and I just want to know WTH is going on and how can I get it to just go to the Quick Menu I own a mac BTW

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