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Bit Corp Gamate Database Addition needed


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I have made my collection of Bit Corp Gamate Roms works whit Launchbox. I have Box art and metadata notes for most of the games. the problem is, since  Launchbox don't have a data base for this system I can not save them in the database here so other can use them for their collection.

from wikipedia

The Gamate, known as 超級小子 (pinyin: chāojí xiǎozi, literally "Super Boy") in Taiwan and 超级神童 (pinyin: chāojí shéntóng, literally "Super Child Prodigy") in China, is a handheld game console manufactured by Bit Corporation in the early 1990s, and released in Australia, some parts of Europe (partly the UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece and Finland) and Asia (Taiwan and China), Argentina, the United States, and possibly other regions including South Africa.

It never sold in numbers comparable to the Game Boy or even the Watara Supervision, and as a result information on the console and its games remains scarce. The only emulator that supports it is MESS.[1] Over 70 games, not all dumped, are known to have been produced for the system.

Manufacturer Bit Corporation
United Microelectronics Corporation
Type Handheld game console
Generation Fourth generation
Lifespan 1990–1994
Media ROM Card
CPU UMC UA6588F (earlier revision)
NCR 81489 (later revision)
both 6502 based
Memory 16KB RAM
Display LCD in 4 greyscale
Graphics 160 x 152 pixels
Sound General Instrument AY-3-8910
mono internal speaker
Power 6V, four AA batteries
Dimensions 16.7 × 9.7 × 3.3 cm (6.58 × 3.82 × 1.3 inches)



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