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gigawing Generations teknoparrot screen horizontal instead of vertical


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If I remember correctly, Teknoparrot doesn't support rotating screen.  Googled about it in the past and saw a lot of people asking the same question regarding these games. Might have to use some 3rd party app to make it work. 

EDIT: I Just checked my own install of the game. Yes it runs horizontally, but I have adjusted the controls to match that orientation, so I wouldn't say it's "unplayable". It's just not 100% matching how it's meant to be. 

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12 hours ago, rmetzger said:

Does anyone know how to make gigawing vertical instead of horizontal using teknoparrot?  Makes the game unplayable for me and have seen video of it playing vertical from teknoparrot so I know it's possible.  

With all these 'teknoparrot' games there are often alternatives. With Gigawings.. that is a TaitoTypeX game. If you have the correct set it will auto rotate for you and you can set controls via a pad config app within the directoty. I can't tell you where to grab the game but there is some good info at emuline.org. Also here is the dir structure.... the custom exe "GWG_Launcher.exe" is what launches the game. No teknoparrot needed. 



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