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Sega Model 3 Game Importer

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The intent of this plugin is to import MAME's Sega Model 3 roms that are supported in the Supermodel emulator.  

Sega Model 3 machines are not playable in MAME, but a MAME full romset does contain the roms for it.  This is where Supermodel ["A Sega Model 3 Arcade Emulator"] comes into 'play'.  And quite literally.  There are currently 60 machines supported, of which 38 are clones.

The plugin uses "Games.xml" to get the rom names, proper Titles and versions for the SM3 machines that Supermodel supports.  This file is located inside the "Config"  folder of your Supermodel installation.

Required Files:

  • This downloaded plugin
  • Games.xml 

Not required for importing, but highly recommended:

  • All Supermodel files (you know, like supermodel.exe, etc.)
  • A MAME romset containing the necessary SM3 roms

Using the plugin:

  • Download and unblock the zip file.
  • Copy the folder (which includes 1 file)  inside the zip into your ../LaunchBox/Plugins folder.
  •        i.e.   D:\LaunchBox\Plugins\ImportSegaModel3\ImportSegaModel3.dll
  • Start LaunchBox.
  • Select Tools,  Import Supermodel Games.xml v1.00


The process from here should be fairly intuitive by just following the steps in the Import Wizard. 

  • Select the folder where Supermodel's Games.xml file is located (if not automatically selected).
  • Select Games.xml. (if not automatically selected)
  • Choose a Platform to import the games into (You can create a new one or use existing).
    • If you choose an existing Platform, the imported games will be set to Emulator selected in the next step and will not affect any of the existing game's emulator.
  • Select your Emulator. (I strongly recommend Supermodel. But you can choose any emu [and change it later])
  • Filter the clones (Options are to Import:  All games individually, clones as additional apps, no clones).
  • Select the roms’ source folder (Only required if you plan to copy them from their current location).
  • Select the roms’ destination folder (This is required to set the Application Path for the games).
  • Select Copy & Import or Import Only.

Downloading Metadata:

If you selected an existing Platform to import the roms into, Right click that Platform and select “Edit”. Make sure the Scrape As: is set to “Arcade” and then click “OK”.

Click on one of the games, then press CTRL+A to select all games.  Now click Tools and select Download Metadata and Media and follow the prompts.  Be sure to check the box for:  Search for game information and media from the LaunchBox Games Database (recommended).

Check or un-check the media images/videos you wish to download. (You can also click "None" and download these at a later time)

Click Yes, download and replace all existing metadata and media. Then click Finish.


This plugin was "designed" to account for subsequent Supermodel updates.  After a Supermodel update (which should include an updated Games.xml file), rerunning this plugin "should" account for any new additions, renamed roms and renamed titles/versions.  Adding/changing those respectively in your Platform.  It won't, however, account for any games that were completely removed. But I really don't think this will be an issue.

If you're having issues getting Supermodel setup and running your games, a quick Goggle search will usually get you what you need.  i.e. "LaunchBox Supermodel", "Supermodel <insert game title here>".  For general (and some somewhat specific) information/help regarding Supermodel, see here: Installation - Supermodel: A Sega Model 3 Arcade Emulator (supermodel3.com).  


List of currently supported games per Games.xml (Aug 31, 2021):




As always, I'm open to any and all comments and suggestions regarding this plugin you may have. 


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13 hours ago, signotime said:

"the specefic rom file does not exist"

Check/Fix #1:

Edit one of the games you imported (right click on a game and select Edit). On the left pane, click Launching.


I'm guessing the "ROM File" path to the actual rom is incorrect.

The instructions for the importer I suppose could be a little more clear.  On the tab with "Select where to copy your roms to", this is [supposed to point to] the path where your roms are physically located.


To fix without rerunning the importer, you can select All Games (click on one game, and the hit CTRL+A), then Click "Tools", "Change ROMs Folder Path for Selected Games..." image.png.1c1ba9d873e74cfe176df17297adb61f.png  then choose the path they're actually in.

Check/Fix #2:

If my above guess was wrong, and the paths are OK, then you need to edit your Emulator for SuperModel, and make sure all 3 boxes are Un-Checked.


Check/Fix #3:

No idea. lol  Let me know what you find with the 1st 2.

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3 minutes ago, signotime said:

I use mame 0.234 fullset merged.

That very well could be it.  I have a non-merged set so I can't verify.

You should be able to run the Parent roms with your merged set.  If you want, you can check the parent games to confirm that they 'are not missing'.  Or if it easier, delete your Sega Model 3 Platform and rerun the Importer and select Do Not Import Clones.

Here's a list of the parent roms (games) to check.



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