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MS-DOS import wizard bug?


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Hi there!

I wanted to point out a bug that's been present for some time (unless I'm doing something wrong). When I try to import DOS games by drag and dropping, I get to the window where I am offered to choose the "Startup File" to be used. Launchbox scans for executables inside the game's folder and lists them in a drop down menu. Thing is, no matter which one I choose, Launchbox always reverts to the one it had assumed was the correct one. In my case, I'm using a .BAT file for each DOS game with a simple startup menu, and I want that one to be used for launching the game. 

Please see screenshots:

By default, Launchbox goes for the first (usually) "launch.bat" which is present in each and every game I'm curating (my own simple startup menu). In this case "Ultima Underworld 2.bat" is the desired entry point which calls the specified DOSBOX version (Vanilla, ECE, Staging, etc.) and loads the default config file, adding the game's specific config file for potential overrides and fine tuning.


See the import result where the import wizard has ignored the input indicating the "startup file" and reverted to its initial finding, forcing me to manually change the "application path" to the desired .BAT.


Thanks for this wonderful piece of software!

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When I find something that does not work in launchbox, usually is my fault

When, rare, it is not my fault I try to ask, politely, in this forum and there is the chance to insert the ticket on the support site.

Anyway I had no problem using DOS import, with installed or not insalled games. 

Later I discovered the eXoDOS project...life is easy sometimes

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