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Hello all,

I'm having an issue with Big Box where whenever I leave the Game Wheel to go to the Options Menu, I get an Error Report when I try to return to my games.

I have attached an image of the report that I get when I leave the Options Menu.

Big Box works perfectly fine otherwise, and this wouldn't be too big of an issue if I wasn't about to move my P.C. into an arcade cabinet that I built, so I won't have a mouse as readily available to close the Error Window.

I am hoping that, like some other users who have posted their error messages, someone can take a quick look at what is wrong and find a simple solution.

Thank you so much for your help! 

Big Box Error.jpg

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I also back in the day got those errors using themes that were much older or if i messed with the folders. Make sure your using all up to date theme files, and make sure if you messed with any files in the theme folder, that you get your self a clean install of the theme. Hope that helps you

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I appreciate the suggestions, but unfortunately, it is still not working after trying the repair feature, doing an update, and then doing a new install.

I think that there must be some kind of issue when having a video in the background. I tried other themes and they all worked well before I tried to reinstall the CityHunter. After the error reports continued, I figured that I would just have to find something else, so I went with CriticalZoneV2 - BlueBox. I downloaded it from within Big Box and everything was working perfectly fine, until I switched the view to having the blue flame burning in the background. When I went into the menu options and returned to the games, I got another error report.


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In the case of CityHunter2, I downloaded "the grid" along with the theme from the CityHunter2 download list, changed its name to "Background" and switched it out with the other video that was already in the CityHunter2 video folder. It plays perfectly in the background as soon as Big Box starts up.

With the CriticalZoneV2, however, all I did was change the View to Vertical Wheel 2 by pushing the keyboard key assigned to Switch View. I have not messed with any of the folders or settings.

In both cases, everything appears to be working fine, but then they both stop playing after I go into the options menu, return to the game wheel, and get that error report.

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