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XBLA (Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Arcade) Rename Scripts

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Ok so this uses Bulk Rename Utility and I think it works pretty well.   

This file will work on any file that is named the title id for Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 Live Arcade

These instructions will work on any set that is in jtag format where you have multiple fiolder structure followed by one file.

I attached a pdf with this manual with included pictures



Xenia File Rename Instructions


Step 1: Rip Games


Step 2: Complete the a Xenia Guide found on Google


Step 3: Download Bulk Rename utility here


Step 4: Download the Xenia.txt file from Here

Step 5: Install Bulk Rename Utility (Going forward called BRU)

Step 6: Load Bulk Rename Directory

Step 7: In BRU find your Xbox Live Arcade files you downloaded in step 1

Step 8: In lower left under Filters (12) Uncheck folders and check subfolders let it scan and finish

Step 9: Click Type in the upper right corner to sort by file type.  Scroll down and click on the file “C3474230481B764B60F5BA68D5280641D9EDA1D858” and then scroll all the way down to the last file type of file is should be called “51A36D8B3D51B0E5983B9A0A63EB5EB4877F582358”  If you did it right at the bottom it should say (775 Selected).

Step 10: Change Append Folder Name (9) with the following options Name: prefix Sep. ( Levels 2.  Your folders should look like this.  As you see I expanded my name and new name just to show you how it renames it.  Basically it is adding the title id as the first 8 characters of the file name and then a space and a (

Step 11: Make sure the bottom left of your screen says 775 selected and hit rename you should see a summary of the command when it is done

Step 12: Click the check mark next to Append Folder Name (9) by the Rename button and change Remove(5) Crop After and  (000D0000 next to it  MAKE SURE YOUR GREEN TEXT LOOKS LIKE MINE

Step 13: Click rename and ignore on the 2 errors for Aegis Wing and Prince of Persia

Step 14: Now Change the (000D0000 to (00000002 and rename. Click Ingnore all and notice this time there are 13 errors

Step 15: Now we will remove The (00000002 out of that box and add it to the box right above, besides Words

Step 16: Now erase the (00000002 and put in (000D0000 the same box, click rename.  You now see that almost all files are 8 characters long.  Congrats that’s the hard part done

Step 17: Click reset at bottom left of BRU and Redo step 8, highlight all type: File programs (775 selected)

Step 18 Click Action - Import rename Pairs - Locate the XBLA.,txt file you downloaded in step 4.  As you see the 8 character Files are now names.  All 8 character files should now be green words 

Step 19: Make sure the box next to Remove (5) is not checked, and in location Copy/Move to Location (13) enter the path where you want to move your Newly created Files. Uncheck Copy not move.  I chose root to move to. Ignore all errors

Step 20: Now Add a new sub directory to move the duplicates to. Again I chose root/Duplicates

Step 21: Delete all directories except Duplicates and 007XBLA.

Happy Gaming!





Xenia XBLA File Rename Instructions LB.pdf


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The TXT file is missing, has any new method come about easier than this?

I get no import for the XBLA games using the import wizard, the files seem to have no extension at all.

Tried to manually drag and drop a game to import and that worked, though it still didn't give it the correct name even after I said "use folder name"

Also Bulk Rename is really great, I used to use it alot.  But I wanted to bring awareness to another great free program that I have been using more called PowerRename, its part of the PowerTools from Microsoft.
It has much of the same power but is a bit more user friendly.

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